Whirley Gig’s Drive Line Component-p1

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Whirley Gig’s Drive Line Component-p1

The drive of the Whirley Gig can also be used as a power drive as an engine in all types of equipment, Autos, Heavy Equipment, Air Craft, Boats scaled to a required size to be flexible for all application.

The Unit runs on current generated from its own source, like a generator. Park your car and provide a 200amp. service or a 100amp. service directly to your home or business.
The armature of the core is of a directional fluid flow shaft for lubrication pumping and cooling capabilities, while rotating.

Again the Six sided tubing with a whole in the middle. {“the apple cutter application”}

AC cooling can be external operated with external components, say in an automobile.

The AC cooling will then pipe directly into the casing (for operation cooling)

This can be done with multiple items. example: AC exchanger, heat exchanger, voltage exchanger. Operating requirements can be externally operated within the desired units, Autos, Trucks, Heavy Equipment, Boats Air Craft.

The frame on the units will also be of a hexagon tubular shape, for heat discernment, with AC cooling lines and cooling capabilities within it. This will keep units from freezing, melting snow in snow covered conditions, also cool in the hot conditions.

Re current designs on the market.
Example: designers can in there design program, cut the lower suspension section.

Then create a floor to cover the base of the unit

hexagon tubular shape a six sided tubing with a whole in the middle. {“the apple cutter application”} to flow the desired drive components and heat or cool the base of the automobile. “Hopefully suspension and brakes
A drive separator between the power generator and the drive design of the specific unit will allow the operation to sit idle, while generating power,

this can be used in any location. example: work site, home, industry.
Imagine running your auto to carry your work site, home, industry current and amperage requirements.

The drive unit will have two tubular high speed clutches computer operated, {” designed with material used in formula racing braking systems”} This will require two types that one synchronically clutches out and the other clutches in.
Then with the standard operators standard clutch assembly, or with automatic transmission assembly, the rear wheel gearing or four wheel gearing to the drive axles.

Thus building a stable & economical solution to global industry & industrial dependency, just think here a moment, it will give us one serious changes in economics global life creating a  balance of our shipping and transportation costs, our living costs etcetera, etcetera.

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