Schematics Explaination, Weather Control Design.

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This design should be computer cad designed to configure all components correctly, my recommendation would be the global space program and governments, as it is a global task line to outfit our solar system and planetary needs.

I would sure like professional assistance to produce this design structure to benefit all of us.

I myself do not have the tools to produce it in its entirety, but know exactly what is required to complete.

Enjoy reviewing explanations with assistance from WikipediA and myself.

Please feel free to use the links provided here in on this website.

Thank You.


Mr. Glenn Allan Garner

Weather Control Design Sample data N-N-C-23718!)Index Design Folder/

Additional Design

Explaination  Weather Control

It’s revolutionary as use for a new style space station as well as assist in current weather conditions and problems, as independent units.

It’s operational characteristics same as the Whirley Gig. “NO FUEL” (  )  “Electric Power”

This Spier design was discussed  through brain wave communication from myself and was designed by myself.with observation from Brain Wave Communication source.

It’s a flying ball that will connect in space as a formula style design that will seperate and create a space station it also operate as a vacuum to draw gray clouds from the atmosfier to be used as drowns to thin cloud cover

It’s revolutionary as use for a new style space station as well as assist in current weather conditions and problems. It’s operational cairicteristics same as the Whirley Gig.

Design Framing – a,b,c …  d,e,f …  ghi…


Cocoon Frame Work Core Section a – L1b casing

This image is showing venting characteristics inbound to outbound of the cocoon casing

examples: sweat moisture build  , fluid flow, external heating,

external refrigeration, filtering to balancing the component to generate a clean flow through air passage, that can be hot and dry or wet and moist, it’s operation on demand will range all humidity ranges, in our atmosphere, space and water

It’s a perfect fit for our environments in all design styles!

Untitled-cocoon-wall-L1b flow


Cocoon Frame Work Core Section ab1 – cone shaped armature generator & reader



Cocoon Frame Work Core Section bb1 – cone shaped armature generator & reader



Cocoon Frame Work Core Section c – 1gdd center core shaft

Untitled 1-generating.&.drive.disks


Cocoon Frame Work Core Section


Cocoon Frame Work Core Section


Cocoon Frame Work  Core Velosity Chambers Section zo

Velosity Rotary Jet Turbine Disks – L,1,2,3,4 – R,1,2,3,4

Banded for Extreme r.p.m. – with adjustable pitch rails

Drive line 3 faze – L 1 – 1a, 2a, 3a –  36 poll 360 degrees

Drive line 3 faze – L 2 – 1a, 2a, 3a –  36 poll 360 degrees

Drive line 3 faze – L 3  – 1a, 2a, 3a –  36 poll 360 degrees

Drive line 3 faze – L 4 – 1a, 2a, 3a –  36 poll 360 degrees


Drive line 3 faze – R 1 – 1a, 2a, 3a –  36 poll 360 degrees

Drive line 3 faze – R 2 – 1a, 2a, 3a –  36 poll 360 degrees

Drive line 3 faze – R 3 – 1a, 2a, 3a –  36 poll 360 degrees

Drive line 3 faze – R 4 1a, 2a, 3a –  36 poll 360 degrees


Cocoon Frame Work Core Section



Cocoon Frame Work Core Section



Cocoon Frame Work Core Section




Cocoon Frame Work By Mr. Glenn Allan Garner

2015 -10-25

A-Z Tek Operations Inc.

Presenting Global Design The Cocoon

  •  {the design structure cocoon is a required within our environment to,
    (clean and purify the air we breath)-(within automotive and industrial equipment worldwide)
  • This will remove the following components,
  • {carbon monoxide (parts per billion)},
  • {lead (micrograms per cubic meter)},
  • {nitrogin dioxide (parts per billion)},
  • {ground level (ozone per million)},
  • {sulfer dioxide (parts per billion)}, in addition to poisonous incinerations there could be additional component groups to examine, in relation to long term health conditions example: cancer..
  • The global and environmental design is including space,{our sky},  the over all design will gather atmospheric burnt carbons.
  • Example usages: possibly to use to snuff out the earth internal chambers of active carbon minerals, without changing characteristics..
  • This process should  be included for years to come, also with surrounding locations to inhabit in Space, {this design will perfectly fit our global environment and planetary environments}.
  • In addition the concord jet design should replace our current projectiles, {our public transportation in the air is not as stable as it could be, with the concord jet design in place}. generated with  the cocoon powered design it could enter space and back to earths atmosphere and land safely.
  • The cocoon powered design in the floor of automobiles will ventelate and gather Co2 particles and carbons from the air}, a very big forward move to air quality control on this planet, currently with seven billion people using fuel..
  •  A-Z Tek Operations is also proud to present a global hub design that is motionless, it will operate exactly with the rotation of the earths movement – ground lens units will work with gigs and satellite control. controling global operations,communication, ectra…
  • This will also including a dome control units (1) north, poll (1) south poll  (6) equator, rim
    {its exterior will look like the dome on the u.s.s.r. clock design in there country.
  • The network will be applied threw reflective imagery – {Black White Filter In The Sky}-{ Imatating gray clouds }.
  • The Nuro Net Operations –  will include the light spectrum reflections directl A global colour pallet in every shad known to us, from the sun, {the Whirley gig will always be generating power, so there for, a back lit projection will always be possible in all most all ranges
  • Slag components of our metal groups, for imagery projection ., again each Whirley Gig will have this installed in the Nuro design group, “{to control our global whether  and expand our progection caricteristics.(inbound & outbound)}”.
  • I am currently looking on the USGS website looking at required maintenance of the global tremors and our global environment.
  • {Global Environment Is One Of My Main Concerns (The Design Is focused on It)
  • Generating my entire design groupings will definitely help to ensure global security and safety for us all long term.
  • Founder and Director., A-Z Tek Operations Inc.
    Current Family Name, Mr. Glenn Allan Garner. Sin: 456 118 553,
  • Original Family Name, Mr. Glenn Allan Ham. Born January 16, 1957,
  • {Capricorn, Book Of Genesis 116 The Book Of Revelations},{Listed On This Web
  • Previous Founder and Director owner D & G Operations.,{with operations within the transportation industry in Ontario Canada}
  • Your 50% partnership with myself is open and has been conducted and reviewed threw B.W.C.
  • Sending Love For Her And His Majesties In The United King Dome, And The Global Community.
  • With Special Thanks To Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Second, Sir King George III, And There Beautiful Grand Children. From Mr. Glenn Allan Ham. Warmest Regards To Her Majesties Palace.
  • Revisions To The Start Up Of The Global Contract Required:
    The contracts will hopefully be global.
  • The suggested return for investment will be one tenth of one percent for investors. the 360 degree partnership will also be one tenth of one present with a guarantee of a 50% reinvestment clause, to reinvest in fresh design ventures. current, new and old structured ventures. Thus continuing the expansion into infinity with business operators\ and global operations within a firm hold on advancement in the coming future.

Thank You All

Bring Forward My Design Structure Threw B.W.C. Communications.

This site is my overview of our future designs and global structured requirements.

Thank You, Again;

Sincerely Yours:

Mr. Glenn Allan Garner.


Presenting Global Design The Cocoon And Beyond 

My Engine Design, {The Cocoon Drive} Will Break The Flame Out Elevation Barrier Listed In All Aviation Flight Testing Listed Here Within Military News. As It Will Take Aviation Though The Nul Value Barrier into Space Within the Same Craft, The Design Will Work Well With Any Modification Groupings.

P.S. I Viewed Aviation Flight Operation & Testing,  Including Strategies In Design & Tactical. It’s Very Impressive!

We Could All Take Our Atmospheric Public Crafts & War Crafts Into Space?,

Hopefully – At Best Tactical Use ages Only.

Essential  For The Security, Of Our Solar System, Planets, Eco System!

I Look Forward To The B.W.C. Communication Links Discussed,

{“your questions, comments & answers”}

{“my comments & answers” }

Hopefully To Be Asserted Faction Ably!

To Generate Our Way Into The Future For Centuries To Come!

I’m Working Diligently!

Thank You!

A-Z Tek Operatins Inc. Water Mark logo

Best Wishes, Cordiality Yours, Registered Name, Founder & Director: A-Z Tek Operations Inc. Mr. Glenn Allan. Garner Sin: xxx-xxx-xxx
Original Registration Family Name. Mr. Glenn Allan. Ham Sin: — — 297 Born January 16, 1957

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A-Z Tek Operations Inc. & Custom Website Division

Previewed  links to my mailing list-  Founder Director C.E.O. A-Z Tek Operations Inc. A.Z.T.O.I.C.W.D. Mr. Glenn Allan Garner sin. # 456-118-553

Original Family Name Mr. Glenn Allan Ham sin. # – – –  – – – 297

Original Registrations Ontario. Canada.



Additional Design. Glenn

Explainations: Eqipment control Design Structure –
Wheather Control Grid Design –
Power Amperage Manifestaion Design –
Tourk And Vilocities Design
It Would Be Unsurpast In Markets.

This Explanation Could Be Applied To All Fosil Fuel Machinery Globaly.

Specifications for – {(aswcraft) – (aircraft) – (spacecraft) – (watercraft)} –


Examples (1) – (aswcraft)  – (All Models)- that are capable of connect in air, space, water –
from flight mode-(in the atmosphier)
from space mode-(spacecraft in space)
from water mode- (watercraft in the water)

Within the acual design structue:

Example: (1a) a style change on the cooling flow ports can be used in all modes of operation phazed into each other.
as descibed on this site in various design groupings.
it will operate efectively in all mentioned conditions.

It is equiped with a sixteen layer roticery groups, consisting of six circumferance plates.
per level locked together.
banded to aqire all moveing dive components and rquirements cintrifical push to be matched to r.p.m requirements
voltage build rails, voltage drag rails in series for operation control and streath caricteristics .
the plaite are a six piece disk set placed as a six piece 360 degree circle configuration locked together.
this will generate all mechanical operations and requirements (within the design ranges noted on this site).
thus providing – “extreem tourk” – – “extreem hot” – -“extreem cold”- – “extreem air movement”.
giving the ability to maintatin all moisture manefestation levels within its mechanical operating ranges.
the intake & exhaust level controls to enshuse enviroment balance and operations is within a global enviromental restoration state we should be in.

This forumulation will provide and surpass its cariteristices for centuries to come.
giving all our global designs opening for, “used as a new aditive, “used as a soul operator”, “or used as a combined unit combination”.

This Units Design range in the nul value group will improve our co2 & carbon levels global!
providing another step in projectile advancements & operations globally for man kind.

Thank You For Consiedation As The Formulation Is Perfect Sir.

P.S. I you have any qustions please dont hesitate to ask A-Z @ this address.

It’s operational caricteristics same as the Whirley Gig.
a flying sauser – a generating unit a drive unit in strucual design.
encased in a cocoon housing to the caricteristices of required design style.

Regards Glenn

WikipdiA Search Liquid water path


Liquid water path

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Liquid water path – in units of [kg/m²] is a measure of the total amount of liquid water present between two points in the atmosphere.[1]

LWP is an important quantity in understanding radiative transfer in the atmosphere. It is defined as the integral of liquid water content between two points in the atmosphere. For nadir observations and whole atmospheric column we have

LWP=\int_{z=0}^\infty \rho_{air} r_L dz'

where rL is the liquid water mixing ratio and ρair is the density of air (including water loading).[2]

The atmosphere is in approximate hydrostatic equilibrium and hydrostatic equation for atmospheric pressure is given by

\frac{dp}{dz}= - \rho_{air} g

which gives

LWP=\int_0^{p=p_0} r_L dp/g

where g is gravitational acceleration, dp is the pressure increment between two layers in the atmosphere and integration is between surface and top of the atmosphere. Liquid water path can also be defined between any two selected points.

The liquid water path can be approximately retrieved from passive and active remote sensing such as microwave radiometer instruments, for example SSM/I.

Typical values of liquid water path in marine stratocumulus can be of the order of 20-80 [g/m²].

WikipdiA Search index

Index –

Frame Work Satelite Section

satellite frame work positioning – circle square – cube design

Centre – {(X) image}(“cubed”) is an, in-ward-curcular-circumference = (“point zero”), (top dead center),(is center of cube)-{center earth geometry}, the spacing of the twenty four satellites is determined geometricaly to a cube, – placed buy the circumference of the – (globe’s mass range).

Including (globe’s land ranges & elevations), (globe’s ocean water ranges  & elevations), (globe’s atmospheric ranges & elevations), the characteristics must be tracked via satellite operations within a maximum band width & ranges  & elevations


A perfect example of an aptitude test // circle – sqaire – triangle, being geometrically used in geometry to form a ball in a cube

Frame Work By Mr. Glenn Allan Garner


WikipdiA Search square triangular number


Square triangular number

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For squares of triangular numbers, see squared triangular number.

Square triangular number 36 depicted as a triangular number and as a square number.

In mathematics, a square triangular number (or triangular square number) is a number which is both a triangular number and a perfect square. There are an infinite number of square triangular numbers; the first few are 0, 1, 36, 1225, 41616, 1413721, 48024900, 1631432881, 55420693056, 1882672131025 (sequence A001110 in OEIS).

Explicit formulas[edit]

Write Nk for the kth square triangular number, and write sk and tk for the sides of the corresponding square and triangle, so that

N_k = s_k^2 = \frac{t_k(t_k+1)}{2}.

Define the triangular root of a triangular number N = \frac{n(n+1)}{2} to be n. From this definition and the quadratic formula, n = \frac{\sqrt{8N + 1} - 1}{2}. Therefore, N is triangular if and only if 8N + 1 is square, and naturally N^2 is square and triangular if and only if 8N^2 + 1 is square, i. e., there are numbers x and y such that x^2 - 8y^2 = 1. This is an instance of the Pell equation, with n=8. All Pell equations have the trivial solution (1,0), for any n; this solution is called the zeroth, and indexed as (x_0,y_0). If  (x_k,y_k)denotes the k’th non-trivial solution to any Pell equation for a particular n, it can be shown by the method of descent that x_{k+1} = 2x_k x_1 - x_{k-1} and y_{k+1} = 2y_k x_1 - y_{k-1}. Hence there are an infinity of solutions to any Pell equation for which there is one non-trivial one, which holds whenever n is not a square. The first non-trivial solution when n=8 is easy to find: it is (3,1). A solution (x_k,y_k) to the Pell equation for n=8 yields a square triangular number and its square and triangular roots as follows: s_k = y_k , t_k = \frac{x_k - 1}{2}, and N_k = y_k^2. Hence, the first square triangular number, derived from (3,1), is 1, and the next, derived from (17,6) (=6×(3,1)-(1,0)), is 36.

The sequences Nk, sk and tk are the OEIS sequences OEISA001110, OEISA001109, and OEISA001108 respectively.

In 1778 Leonhard Euler determined the explicit formula[1][2]:12–13

N_k = \left( \frac{(3 + 2\sqrt{2})^k - (3 - 2\sqrt{2})^k}{4\sqrt{2}} \right)^2.

Other equivalent formulas (obtained by expanding this formula) that may be convenient include

\begin{align} N_k &= {1 \over 32} \left( ( 1 + \sqrt{2} )^{2k} - ( 1 - \sqrt{2} )^{2k} \right)^2 = {1 \over 32} \left( ( 1 + \sqrt{2} )^{4k}-2 + ( 1 - \sqrt{2} )^{4k} \right) \\ &= {1 \over 32} \left( ( 17 + 12\sqrt{2} )^k -2 + ( 17 - 12\sqrt{2} )^k \right). \end{align}

The corresponding explicit formulas for sk and tk are [2]:13

 s_k = \frac{(3 + 2\sqrt{2})^k - (3 - 2\sqrt{2})^k}{4\sqrt{2}}


 t_k = \frac{(3 + 2\sqrt{2})^k + (3 - 2\sqrt{2})^k - 2}{4}.

Pell’s equation[edit]

The problem of finding square triangular numbers reduces to Pell’s equation in the following way.[3] Every triangular number is of the form t(t + 1)/2. Therefore we seek integers t,s such that

\frac{t(t+1)}{2} = s^2.

With a bit of algebra this becomes


and then letting x = 2t + 1 and y = 2s, we get the Diophantine equation

x^2 - 2y^2 =1

which is an instance of Pell’s equation. This particular equation is solved by the Pell numbers Pk as[4]

x = P_{2k} + P_{2k-1}, \quad y = P_{2k};

and therefore all solutions are given by

 s_k = \frac{P_{2k}}{2}, \quad t_k = \frac{P_{2k} + P_{2k-1} -1}{2}, \quad N_k = \left( \frac{P_{2k}}{2} \right)^2.

There are many identities about the Pell numbers, and these translate into identities about the square triangular numbers.

Recurrence relations[edit]

There are recurrence relations for the square triangular numbers, as well as for the sides of the square and triangle involved. We have[5]:(12)

N_k = 34N_{k-1} - N_{k-2} + 2,\text{ with }N_0 = 0\text{ and }N_1 = 1.
N_k = \left(6\sqrt{N_{k-1}} - \sqrt{N_{k-2}}\right)^2,\text{ with }N_0 = 0\text{ and }N_1 = 1.

We have[1][2]:13

s_k = 6s_{k-1} - s_{k-2},\text{ with }s_0 = 0\text{ and }s_1 = 1;
t_k = 6t_{k-1} - t_{k-2} + 2,\text{ with }t_0 = 0\text{ and }t_1 = 1.

Other characterizations[edit]

All square triangular numbers have the form b2c2, where b / c is a convergent to the continued fraction for the square root of 2.[6]

A. V. Sylwester gave a short proof that there are an infinity of square triangular numbers, to wit:[7]

If the triangular number n(n+1)/2 is square, then so is the larger triangular number

\frac{\bigl( 4n(n+1) \bigr) \bigl( 4n(n+1)+1 \bigr)}{2} = 2^2 \, \frac{n(n+1)}{2} \,(2n+1)^2.

We know this result has to be a square, because it is a product of three squares: 2^2 (by the exponent), (n(n+1))/2 (the n’th triangular number, by proof assumption), and the (2n+1)^2 (by the exponent). The product of any numbers that are squares is naturally going to result in another square. This can be seen from the fact that a necessary and sufficient condition for a number to be square is that there should be only even powers of primes in its prime factorisation, and multiplying two square numbers preserves this property in the product.

The triangular roots t_k are alternately simultaneously one less than a square and twice a square, if k is even, and simultaneously a square and one less than twice a square, if k is odd. Thus, 49 = 7^2 = 2*5^2 - 1, 288 = 17^2 - 1 = 2 * 12^2, and 1681 = 41^2 = 2 * 29^2 - 1. In each case, the two square roots involved multiply to give s_k: 5 * 7 = 35, 12 * 17 = 204, and 29 * 41 = 1189.[citation needed]

N_k - N_{k-1}=s_{2k-1}: 36 - 1 = 35, 1225 - 36 = 1189, and 41616 - 1225 = 40391. In other words, the difference between two consecutive square triangular numbers is the square root of another square triangular number.[citation needed]

The generating function for the square triangular numbers is:[8]

\frac{1+z}{(1-z)(z^2 - 34z + 1)} = 1 + 36z + 1225 z^2 + \cdots.

Numerical data[edit]

As k becomes larger, the ratio t_k/s_k approaches \sqrt{2} \approx 1.41421 and the ratio of successive square triangular numbers approaches  (1+\sqrt{2})^4 = 17+12\sqrt{2} \approx 33.97056. The table below shows values of k between 0 and 7.

k N_k s_k t_k t_k/s_k  N_k/N_{k-1}
0 0 0 0
1 1 1 1 1
2 36 6 8 1.33333 36
3 1\,225 35 49 1.4 34.02778
4 41\,616 204 288 1.41176 33.97224
5 1\,413\,721 1\,189 1\,681 1.41379 33.97061
6 48\,024\,900 6\,930 9\,800 1.41414 33.97056
7 1\,631\,432\,881 40\,391 57\,121 1.41420 33.97056


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White House Announces Commitments to the American Business Act on Climate Pledge

Big news in the fight against climate change: 81 major U.S. companies are stepping up and committing at least $160 billion in new low-carbon investments.

Mr. President Sir,  This would certainly be helpful in this design Sir!

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