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{I have taken Physics and the “Theory Of Relitivity” to it’s infinity.}

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“For Every Action There Is An Equal Reaction”

“Theory Of Relitivity”

Albert Eeinstiin “




Some Swiss scientists who played a key role in their discipline (clockwise): Leonhard Euler (mathematics) Louis Agassiz (glaciology) Auguste Piccard(aeronautics) Albert Einstein (physics)


(a) A value of NULL indicates that the value is unknown.

Glenn @ A.Z.T.O.I.C.W.D. FORMULATED example: delusional- is the knowledge or feeling something is there, when in fact the individual realizes there is a cause to notice it.

(b) A value of NULL is different from an empty or zero value.

(c) No two null values are equal.

(d) Comparisons between two null values,
or between a NULL and any other value,
return unknown because the value of each NULL is unknown.


Glenn @ A.Z.T.O.I.C.W.D. FORMULATED – example: fuel dependency of projectiles – water -land – air – space -must break the nul value barriers – to achieve operation and the cleanest possible passage – with out harming the enviroment.

Within my formula the nul value passes though nul value barriers without causing environmental disruption and damage and can be identified.
for example the air we breath, the earth we live on and all areas we go to or travel through including space.

  • The Nuro Net Design

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{Mr. Glenn Allan Garner},

{ Mr. Glenn Allan Ham},

{Designer Nuro Net.},

{I have taken Physics and the “Theory Of Relitivity” to it’s infinity.}

This image showing global land mass raised from the surface.


The three satalite possions @ 33 1/3 degress reading from top dead center north of the earths north pole.


The three satalite possions @ 33 1/3 degress reading from top dead center south of the earths south pole.


Doppler Weather Radar Exeter

 Canadian Weather


 Doppler Weather Radar Exeter

 Canadian Weather

Global layout of the Nuro Net.

The following script out lines operation and hook up to the two images below,

 to cloak our weather issues from the most practical method.

360 degrees circumference = ing  20 Poles

North south pins = 9 plates or layers as seen in the two diagrams

I am dividing the plates into three plates north and three plate south = ing 6 plates

      images(172) (1)   images(172) (2)

 Here is a map copy of the grid earth. The center line id is file  >?<

 Here is a map copy of the grid earth.

 The center line horizontal is north south id is file  >?<

The center line vertical is equator id is file  >?<

Six – 360 Degree Plates

Twenty Four Pins @  360 Degree Poles


Vortex Image Below

This image shows from a moisture prospective evaporation in a vortex.


“For Every Action There Is An Equal Reaction”  “Theory Of Relitivity”   “Albert Eeinstiin “

 The following diagram shows a flow of what i am going to place as our jet stream

The purpose for this is to give you an idea of how this Nuro Net will fuction.

 Nuro Net.

Object to control atmosphere  – wind, temp, elevation, direction, locations.

The bellow image shows a vortex – I am placing it as the jetstream.

Thust using the grid design of the Nuro Net will funnel cloud cover to

the north and south poles at what ever eliveation we require.

Giving us the capability of creating, rain, snow and placing it were we choose within the raidious of the natural eaco system.

as our bowness we will enjoy controlled climates.

Vortex Image Below




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