Presenting The Design Structure, To Her Gracious Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

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Prince William: "Grief Is the Most Painful Experience Any Child or Parent Can Endure"

Prince William: “Grief Is the Most Painful Experience Any Child or Parent Can Endure”

Prince William honored Princess Diana during a gala celebrating the 21st anniversary of the Child Bereavement charity in London on Thursday. “Twenty-one years ago last month, my mother attended the launch of the Child Bereavement charity,” he said. “Fifteen years later, I was honored to be invited to become patron of Child Bereavement UK to continue my mother’s commitment to a charity which is very dear to me.” Prince William went on to talk about the difference CBUK makes ­in the lives of bereaved families, saying, “What my mother recognized back then ­and what I understand now is that grief is the most painful experience that any child or parent can endure.” The gala came at the end of a busy

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Prince William: “Grief Is the Most Painful Experience Any Child or Parent Can Endure”

Her Royal  Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Second

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 Saudi Royals' Gifts to British Royals-King Faisal diamond necklace worn by Princess Diana on Royal Tour in Australia



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A-Z Tek Operations Inc.

Presenting Global Design The Cocoon

  •  {the design structure cocoon is a required within our environment to,
    (clean and purify the air we breath)-(within automotive and industrial equipment worldwide)
  • This will remove the following components,
  • {carbon monoxide (parts per billion)},
  • {lead (micrograms per cubic meter)},
  • {nitrogin dioxide (parts per billion)},
  • {ground level (ozone per million)},
  • {sulfer dioxide (parts per billion)}, in addition to poisonous incinerations there could be additional component groups to examine, in relation to long term health conditions example: cancer..
  • The global and environmental design is including space,{our sky},  the over all design will gather atmospheric burnt carbons.
  • Example usages: possibly to use to snuff out the earth internal chambers of active carbon minerals, without changing characteristics..
  • This process should  be included for years to come, also with surrounding locations to inhabit in Space, {this design will perfectly fit our global environment and planetary environments}.
  • In addition the concord jet design should replace our current projectiles, {our public transportation in the air is not as stable as it could be, with the concord jet design in place}. generated with  the cocoon powered design it could enter space and back to earths atmosphere and land safely.
  • The cocoon powered design in the floor of automobiles will ventelate and gather Co2 particles and carbons from the air}, a very big forward move to air quality control on this planet, currently with seven billion people using fuel..
  •  A-Z Tek Operations is also proud to present a global hub design that is motionless, it will operate exactly with the rotation of the earths movement – ground lens units will work with gigs and satellite control. controling global operations,communication, ectra…
  • This will also including a dome control units (1) north, poll (1) south poll  (6) equator, rim
    {its exterior will look like the dome on the u.s.s.r. clock design in there country.
  • The network will be applied threw reflective imagery – {Black White Filter In The Sky}-{ Imatating gray clouds }.
  • The Nuro Net Operations –  will include the light spectrum reflections directl A global colour pallet in every shad known to us, from the sun, {the Whirley gig will always be generating power, so there for, a back lit projection will always be possible in all most all ranges
  • Slag components of our metal groups, for imagery projection ., again each Whirley Gig will have this installed in the Nuro design group, “{to control our global whether  and expand our progection caricteristics.(inbound & outbound)}”.
  • I am currently looking on the USGS website looking at required maintenance of the global tremors and our global environment.
  • {Global Environment Is One Of My Main Concerns (The Design Is focused on It)
  • Generating my entire design groupings will definitely help to ensure global security and safety for us all long term.
  • Founder and Director., A-Z Tek Operations Inc.
    Current Family Name, Mr. Glenn Allan Garner. Sin: 456 118 553,
  • Original Family Name, Mr. Glenn Allan Ham. Born January 16, 1957,
  • {Capricorn, Book Of Genesis 116 The Book Of Revelations},{Listed On This Web
  • Previous Founder and Director owner D & G Operations.,{with operations within the transportation industry in Ontario Canada}
  • Your 50% partnership with myself is open.
  • Sending Love For Her And His Majesties In The United King Dome, And The Global Community.
  • With Special Thanks To Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Second, Prince Philip, Kate Middleton and Prince William And Family.
  • Revisions To The Start Up Of The Global Contract Required:
    The contracts will hopefully be global.

The suggested return for investment will be one tenth of one percent for investors. the 360 degree partnership will also be one tenth of one present with a guarantee of a 50% reinvestment clause, to reinvest in fresh design ventures. current, new and old structured ventures. Thus continuing the expansion into infinity with business operators\ and global operations within a firm hold on advancement in the coming future

Warmest Regards To Her Majesties Palace.

Mr. Glenn Allan Garner.

A-Z Tek Operations Inc.

Presenting Global Design The Cocoon And Beyond 

My Engine Design, {The Cocoon Drive} Will Break The Flame Out Elevation Barrier Listed In All Aviation Flight Testing Listed Here Within Military News. As It Will Take Aviation Though The Nul Value Barrier into Space Within the Same Craft, The Design Will Work Well With Any Modification Groupings.

P.S. I Viewed Aviation Flight Operation & Testing,  Including Strategies In Design & Tactical. It’s Very Impressive!

We Could All Take Our Atmospheric Public Crafts & War Crafts Into Space?,

Hopefully – At Best Tactical Use ages Only.

Essential  For The Security, Of Our Solar System, Planets, Eco System!

I Look Forward To The B.W.C. Communication Links Discussed,

{“your questions, comments & answers”}

{“my comments & answers” }

Hopefully To Be Asserted Faction Ably!

To Generate Our Way Into The Future For Centuries To Come!

I’m Working Diligently!

Thank You!

A-Z Tek Operatins Inc. Water Mark logo

Best Wishes, Cordiality Yours, Registered Name, Founder & Director: A-Z Tek Operations Inc. Mr. Glenn Allan. Garner Sin: xxx-xxx-xxx
Original Registration Family Name. Mr. Glenn Allan. Ham Sin: — — 297 Born January 16, 1957

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A-Z Tek Operations Inc. & Custom Website Division

Previewed  links to my mailing list-  Founder Director C.E.O. A-Z Tek Operations Inc. A.Z.T.O.I.C.W.D. Mr. Glenn Allan Garner sin. # 456-118-553

Original Family Name Mr. Glenn Allan Ham sin. # – – –  – – – 297

Original Registrations Ontario. Canada.