Nul Value Formulation


A value of NUL indicates that the value is unknown.

A value of NUL is different from an empty or zero value..

No two or three nul values are equal. “error”

Comparisons between two or three null values, or between a NUL and any other value, A Third NULL value, within my design, Example: Water, Air, Space Operational


return unknown because the value of each NUL is unknown. “error”


Mr. Glenn Allan Garner Formulations

example: fuel dependency of projectiles – water, land, air, space, must break the nul value to achieve operation and passage threw the three values, with out interferance with enviromenal caricteristics

within my formula the nul value passes though nul value barriers without causing environmental disruption and damage and can be identified, threw my designs

for example: the null value barriers would include –  the water we drink – the air we breath – the earth we live on – including travel and living within space… 

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