Evolution of Time Jupiter 5060



Evolution of Time – Jupiter 5060

Has Generated A Formula that compares and matches with father time

Our 24 hrs a day rotation, our four seasons thus producing a clock design.

I have also manefested from the formula.

a- (it is a hundred grid 360 sweep with three second hand movements between each digit

b- {this can also be applied to navigational, planetary solar system and globe framing characteristics

c- the hour and minute hand sweep one to one of the hundred grid movement

d- the second hand sweeps four to one

e- “{adjustments con be made to the rotisserie speed of each of the planets and trajectory of the sling shot affect will give its poll field and angle groupings}”

Jupiter 5060 sighting on the surface (viewed on NASA’S web services)

it’s application, in this instance was used in reference to the birth of Jesus Christ starting with his birth date (Christmas), with this my formula and additional formulations combined, the data conclusion of digit 3.6

5060 could be a year or a composition formulation – this number is present on Jupiter’s surfs – images to confirm

So the year 5060, our current year 2015, (3.6 being 3600 years)

So the year 5060  subtract three point six centuries = current year 2015

My conclusion recognition timing was point .11 in months in the year 2015

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