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Look at the formation of the asteroid at this angle, it looks like a head and shoulders of an prehistoric animal, formed in deep space

” the hand of the creator, god & physics at work “

It looks to me like the cycle of life!

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“amazing formation excellent photo angle.”


Euopean Space Agency

“amazing formation excellent photo angle.”


A-Z Tek Observation Rosetta_at_Comet_Poster_landscape_crop-1b


A-Z Tek Observation Rosetta_at_Comet_Poster_landscape_crop-1c


A-Z Tek Observation Rosetta_at_Comet_Poster_landscape_crop-1c

Rosetta_at_Comet_Poster_landscape_crop-1d  Rosetta_at_Comet_Poster_landscape_crop-1e

Euopean Space Agency

“amazing formation excellent photo angle.”

Storm Clouds Over Oklahoma


Face In The Storm Clouds


Face And Tiger In The Storm Clouds


Memo to,
Honorable James Moore, Minister of Industry <>,
C.S.A. <>,
Honorable Noel A. Kinsella <>,
Honorable Robert Douglas Nicholson <>,

Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen,

I watch European Space Agency’s achievement today on public television on the shaw network in Calgary Alberta Canada.

I was unaware  of your website until today, it looks excellent, looking forward to reviewing it and your other achievements.

I myself have always been very INTERESTED in space exploration, science and design structures.

i would like to introduce you all to a design grouping that will change the way we live environmentally

How we travel in Water, Air and Space without fuel being the dependence, a weather control system.

I have put many hours of thought into the style design and characteristics of it,

It is definitely environmental compatible.

I have detailed designs characteristics to produce via cad and drafting, but have no OPTIONS FINANCIALLY or physically  to produce such.

I am very certain i could complete the specifications, i have placed some design characteristics information at this web ADDRESS.

I certainly look forward to the OPPORTUNITY to work with and expand earths space PROGRAMS, My designs are revolutionary and much needed.

B.W.C is also listed on the site i have been dealing with the design in detail through this here  at my residence.

In my view of the design through B.W.C. conversation with operatives within the service i am hook to, the design groups have been described in detail and could be completed from such.

I have no patents on the design groupings but am fearful of losing the groupings and would certainly like to complete the work, with the global space programs.

A professional cad program and operator with myself would be very beneficial to our global future

this  reason i have posted some information on my site for review.

I will be putting a link to your achievements on my site and will post this memo to you.

Thank you for your time and consideration in advance.

Look forward to correspondence with you.

Mr. Glenn Allan Garner

P.S. I am of German decent on my father side, my grandmother was German, her married name was Ham.

I also have been Canadian Registered as Mr. Glenn Allan Ham Sin # – – –  – – – 297

Good Job On Today’s  Achievement November 12 2014 @ 11.01 Calgary Time “CONGRADULATIONS”

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