Cone Type Armature & Optic Reader-p1

Cone Type Armature & Optic Reader-p1

Descriptions; Whirley Gig, Nuro Net-p2

Cone Type Armature & Optic Reader, Tubing descriptions


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example: 1 Cone Type Armature with eight lift disks, (connected directly to the centre of armature at each end of it’s disk layer). the disks are ported for rotation and air lift.

” HEX I> – <I HEX I> – <I HEX  I> – <I HEX  I> – <I HEX  I> – <I HEX  I> – <I HEX  I> – <I HEX  I> – <I HEX ”

this basic view is a quarter turn view

Description of symbols of the armature

the end of armature and rotor disks ” I     I “,

the viewed inward angle to the centre of the armature ” >   < ” ,

the centre of the armature, containing the six rotor disks ” – “, Hex is the six sided core armature connected directly to the six rotary disks.

The core shaft is also the same design shape, the centre would be the fluid flow layer with six ports around the centre shaft. The with six out sides will lock the six section rotisserie disk sets to the core


Hexagon light weight tubing would required be used as the hull frame, this will provide a seven chamber tube with high structural strength. (“like an apple slicing tool if you look at it’s end but with flat edges”)  this will als be used as fluid flow in some areas of the hull structure..


This is a description of the optic readers,

The widest circumference end of the cone type armature travels a t a faster pace to complete one revolution, the smallest circumference will move at its slowest rate or at rated rpm.

This will enable advanced disk table reading in the disk core and outer circumference to be mach top dead centre for precise timing of the Whirley Gig’s design in all areas of it’s operation, Example; AC, Heat,  (Port, Disk and Trust Timing), (Voltage & Amperage Reading).

The design will complete equipment futons, operations and manipulations in all areas of the design and operation.

Whirley Gig’s Drive Line will also be of the same design scaled to component requirements and specifications, Autos, Heavy Equipment, Air Craft, Boats

The design will be flexible for all application drive lines, I will give explanation in the documentation of the Whirley Gig’s Drive Line Component article.

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