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Fold in wing design air space water  – configuring  – 1 – (stretchable and retractable wing design  – with inner sliding moisture rails, feeding and eight position {every 45 degrees of thrust the chamber at all blade locations)

a- (this will allow the wing to retract and expand to space air and water operations)

b- (framed into the wings on a circular in-ward 360 degree angle from both sides upper and lower sides of the drive unit)

c- ( this will provide an eight location slider to feed all sixteen three bladed fin groupings)

d- (four upper from one wing and four lower from the other wing)

e- (entering chambers at every 45 degrees)

f- (creating adjustable climate combined with thrust due to high revolutions of the unit)

g- (providing an eight point @ 45 degrees to source moisture in the chamber group for the three blade ranges matching requirements over the complete disk set)

h- ( extreme wet, extreme heat, extreme ac)

i- (this will produce the necessary climate conditions required within the unit, produced through the wind thrust chamber)

j- (providing wet water tanks, ac components, heating components)

k- (fuel and oxygen tanks, only to accommodate the current fluid management for current jet engine design)

-1- (adjustable stream line tight wind deflection characteristics)

– 2 – within the wing – (fuel storage, water storage, heating racks, refrigeration racks, tubing built into the wing framing)

-3-  space flight honey comb tubing and air craft framing – (six ports with a center tub) – {a three tub insert will be required in some areas to accommodate the pressure} – {heating and cooling characteristics to control barometric levels required} this will provide ported nozzles to the steering -(forward and aft)- from the outer edges of the concord’s streamline design, the fuselage will also provide 360 degree nozzles, and will include a main port directly through the fan disk sets, from front to rear – also a shark stile gill set for additional air intake.

-4- the wing will manifest large volumes of moisture condensed thus providing endless fuel in space

-5- the design will also accommodate current propulsion methods so this can be used in space, air and water – the cocoon design will operate in water – lift off from water will be possible with assist from current propulsion methods if the turbine units are place over the cocoon dive and are at a buoyancy level out of the water

– 6 – (main wing group – will provide necessary c.f.m. flow of condensation to operate in air space and will even swim with no difficulty

-7- also the landing gear will be a rubber rolling pin that will be electrically driven to match ground speed at touch down.


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