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I’m hoping to speak to a development teck to discuses my design of the Whirly Gig. this machinery will revolutionize travel in air water and space.

Nuro Net, this machinery will revolutionize our global environment weather control and functions.

I have put much thought into my proposal, please take some time to assist in this global change that is very much in need due to our global environmental problems.

I have contacted Chris Brunrner

this is definitely a proposal and design that will work!

With concern for Global environmental and security.

CSA Headquarters

John H. Chapman Space Centre

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Saint-Hubert, Quebec  J3Y 8Y9


Telephone: 450-926-4800

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Called 2013 – 10 -15

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Regards Mr. Glenn A. Garner

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Thank you for your interest in the Canadian Space Agency. As per our conversation, could you please send all information’s about the topic. I will try then to forward it to the appropriate sector.






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Author A-Z Tek Operations Inc.

Descriptions Whitley Gig, Nero Net

Whirley Gig’s design is {operational in – air, water, space}, with a twin cone type armature, including multiple tracks to control each side of the armature to maintain control and stability of the unit, centrifugal spin will hold a horizontal level with gravity with rotation.

The design is interactive with Electricity, Heat, Refrigeration, to obtain refrigerated thrust all components are designed to be completely part on the units assembly & operation. {A fog should be the only emission from the unit to the atmosphere}, {This will also be the source of propulsion in space}.

Hexagon light weight  tubing would be used as the hull frame, this will provide a four chamber tube with high structural strength. It will also provided high volume and pressure capabilities, for the flow of (ac coolant), (and core shaft lubricant cooling), distributed evenly threw the framing were required, to cool the ports and create frost and ice to cool thrust air conditions

The circumference disks {ported rotating trust disks, heated and cooled to accommodate different conditions and requirements} are located at each level, {eight in all}, connected directly to the generator section on the center hub that’s generating power, with current connection points around the circumference like a generator this can generate a very high amperage to a low amperage, but as well able to be run neutral current. the basic fazing types here would be, (negative, positive),(negative, negative), (positive, positive) in a variety of series connections. the eight disks levels. That will require two sets of six plates with thrust ports back to back with a port block between each set of six to direct trust, while rotating the six disks will be frosted to point of creating a sealed ice gasket to maintain a none friction surface. Keep none moving sections and moving sections  of the ports tight and turbulence free, the disk will also frost or freeze with heat were required to create a snug ice composition, to contain air flow within the disk and stationary ports &  components.

The port configuration for the optimum configuration should be computer designed for optimum thrust capabilities, and different port settings and speeds.

Each disk level disks should run in opposite directions of each other.

Each of the eight levels can be adjusted to the desired r.p.m. as well for maximum control

Design Regarding Nero Net

Nero Net, is a weather control network operating on scale sized Wrigley Gigs, this will control the weather globally, I will explain the theory,

Scaled to size as per duty Willey Gig.  my design is {operational in – air, water, space}

To be position at all longitude and latitude location around the globe, with a northern control unit, a southern control unit, the equator will require three units rows on the circumference of the globe, north south to be balanced with the center units, being fed to the system.

combine the light spectrum in the program include the Eco table re the four seasons.

Also sun reflections can be discourage or encourage by way of a receiver and a “day night filter”, and the light spectrum filter.

“my fist opinion on the color range for sun rise and sun set would be a very light blue for sun rise with a damper from black to white using the light spectrum to adjust the filters generated from the units in place as described”.

Thus give control over weather of all types in all areas global. Storms & hurricanes,  degeneration before they get out of hand.{“reducing static”}

” It’s a perfect control platform for our global environment “!

The drive of the  Whirley Gig will also be used as a power drive as an engine in all types of equipment, Autos, Heavy Equipment, Air Craft, scaled to size to fit application, it runs on current generated from its own source, like a generator.

This product will diminish  the devastation, such as the Disaster in the U.S.A. Oklahoma tornado! Nero Net. its a weather manipulator as well! A storm locator designed to interact before it gets out of control.

My sincerest condolences to the people in Oklahoma and other global disaster areas and I praise the services assisting the needy, this will save live and reduce rebuilding..

For the life of me I can not understand why we have not designed this!

Amperage will determine the power output for different applications. irrigation sealed unit, for easy replacement for repair.

Design Regarding Heavy Equipment, Trucks & Public Transportation, Industrial & Commercial.

The core design can be used to replace Gas & Diesel,

Heavy Equipment, Trucks, Cars, Air Planes all powered with no fuel, each of these types of unit installed as a power source. generator combined with an electric motor with the sufficient amperage to generate r.p.m.

I also have an new clutch design to apply to the drive train a very strong, hold, engage, release capabilities, with capabilities to handle,  Whirley Gig   Heavy Equipment, Trucks, Cars, Air Planes

will also provide a direct power source of 115 volt or 220 volt at a required one hundred or a two hundred amp. service or what ever voltage it’s designed to carry.

With a twin cone type armatures, including multiple tracks on the armature to control each side of the armature to maintain control and stability and power of the electric turbine drive engine

Air Plane Powered With No Fuel,    would also use the twin cone type armature, with a twin cone type armatures, including multiple tracks on the armature to control each side of the armature to maintain control and stability and power of the drive engine

Design Regarding Construction Trades Commercial & Residential

Smaller units to operate Commercial & Residential complex. No more hydro polls and wire to be affected by weather or in line failures and massive line installations.

The Whirley Gig will also be able to be used to power a new design regarding living accommodations as a power and ventilation, with the a ability to fly from it’s location to escape a disaster situation such as a twister or sever storm. The complexes would be self contained hexagon shaped, three levels high to accommodate six

A Hexagon shaped fish tank design with three chambers surrounding the living areas of the complex, {salt water exterior, fresh water center, tropical water interior}, circulated by the Whirley Gig Completely storm proof

Excellent for heating, with tanks on each location for breading fresh fish for food, all operated by the Whirley Gig.

If this was plumed in with large tubing right from the water source, {rivers, lakes and the ocean},

The current piping being installed now for fuel could be added to, to accommodate the construction locations, this will also provide water & inland irrigation.

I’m currently a cad program to display the core design of the unit in it’s full form operational

I have global changes that will revolutionize the way we live! this unit will empower our life style, and certainly improve our dependency of focal fuels, while building a stable & economical solution to global industry & industrial dependency, just think here a moment, it give one serious change, that would be in our shipping and transportation costs in the business and personal sectors of required movement around the world.


Also I have a design to transport containers under water it’s a cube design that is powered with the generator electric motor design of the Whirlley Gig , uses ballast, vertical cork screw water flow in two directions on four sides, designed with a 180 degree tube corner to corner on all sides, this is also stack able, certainly designed to carry the same stacks of containers as the big ships  in a water tight environment. Avoiding surface adverse conditions.
You can review the website @

Best Wishes:

Cordiality Yours; Glenn

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Responce from CSA Headquarters
John H. Chapman Space Centre
6767 Route de l’A�roport
Saint-Hubert, Quebec J3Y 8Y9
Telephone: 450-926-4800
Fax: 450-926-4352
Called 2013 – 10 -15

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