Descriptions; Whirley Gig, Nuro Net-p2

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Descriptions; Whirley Gig, Nuro Net-p2


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The core design can be used to replace Gas & Diesel, Heavy Equipment, Trucks, Cars, Air Planes, even the us space shuttle
all powered with no fuel, each of these types of unit installed as a power source. generator combined with an electric motor with the sufficient amperage to generate r.p.m.

The Whirley Gig design will provide a direct power source of 115 volt or 220 volt range at a required one hundred or a two hundred amp. service or what ever voltage it’s designed to be carried.

This would by design also use the twin cone type armature assembly, with a twin cone type armatures for high and low speed reading in both directions with maximum power availability. powered by the electric turbine drive engine of the Whirley Gig design.

Design Regarding Construction Trades Commercial & Residential Smaller units to operate Commercial & Residential complex. No more hydro polls and wire to be affected by weather or in line failures and massive line installations.

The Whirley Gig complex “is excellent security” it could also be able to be used to power a new design. within living accommodations {“a hexagon shaped building”} as a power and ventilation system, with the ability to fly up to six Whirley Gig’s from it’s location for public to escape a disaster situation such as a twister or sever storm.

The complexes could be a self contained hexagon shaped in three levels above ground.
The complex could also contain a shaped fish tank design with three chambers surrounding the living areas of the complex, {salt water exterior, fresh water centre, tropical water interior}, all circulated by the Whirley Gig’s rotation

A completely storm proof design.

Excellent for buildings heating, with large breeding tanks on each location for fresh fish food of many types, all operated by the Whirley Gig.
If this was plumed in with large tubing right from the water source, {rivers, lakes and the ocean}, it could irrigate the area in question right from the complex.

The current piping being installed now for fuel could be added to, to accommodate the plan

This certainly will provide water & inland irrigation.

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